A birthday celebrates all the days leading up to it.

Whether it’s an 8th birthday or 80th, the idea is the same: We’re so glad you were born, and that you’ve been with us all this time. We appreciate you. We love the person you are today, and who you’ve always been.

It’s a time for traditions.

See how the simplest gestures can be both timeless and priceless.

It’s a canoe. It’s a table. It’s both!

With a little bit of handiwork, you can lay out a birthday feast they’ll never forget.

Put Publix on your birthday planning committee.

We have actual event planners who can help the big day go beautifully, from the party platters and fresh flowers to the birthday cake.

Speaking of cakes… Our amazing cake decorators can create just about anything for the big day. Practically any theme: baseball, Barbie, Batman, you name it. You can pick the flavor. The color. The size and shape. And you’ll end up with a masterpiece they’ll marvel at.

Order online to save time. If you don’t opt for our Event Planning service, you can use our Online Easy Ordering to make sure everything you need is ready to pick up on the big day.

Start early and plan for fun.

Think of a theme.
Whether the birthday boy or girl (or man or woman) is into penguins or poker, if you highlight their interest, occupation, or obsession, you’ll find yourself coming up with all sorts of great ideas for decorations, food, and favors.

Make your own invitations.
Design digital messages to email, or go old-school with envelopes. (Choose unusual stamps, or even have some custom-made.) Be playful, be creative, and craft it up.

Games are good.
Whether it’s horseshoes or hopscotch, games are a great way to keep partygoers of all ages entertained and interacting.

Party favors come in all flavors.
Follow your theme and use your imagination. You could give away small succulents or seed packets, candy or comic books. And you can have practically anything printed on these days, if you want to make mementos of the celebration.

Birthdays are among the most joyous occasions, and observing them is an act of thoughtfulness and love. We can’t wait to be part of your special-day celebrations.