About Us

A bit about us.

So, back in 1930, a young fellow named George Jenkins opened his first Publix store. In 1935, he opened a second store. And in 1940, he realized a big dream: the first Publix Super Market. It was a pretty fancy place for its time, with its air conditioning and electric doors. You know what else it had? Terrific customer service. Today, we’ve still got the AC (thank goodness), the electric doors—and the super service, too.

Let’s define “shopping pleasure.”

It’s a lot of little things. And a few big things. Nice wide, sparkling-clean aisles. Bright, beautiful produce. Super-fresh meats and seafood. And this: the people. Human beings with genuine smiles and genuine knowledge, who are genuinely helpful.

We associates love Publix—because it’s ours.

Lucky us: We are all owners of this wonderful company. Naturally, we want to see it succeed. That’s why “Going Above and Beyond” is our middle name. So to speak.

Get ready for the royal treatment.

Of course we’ll take your groceries to your car. And delight a child with a cookie or balloon. Place a special order for you. And back everything we sell with our Publix Guarantee. Your happiness is why we’re here.

Try us—you’ll be glad you did.

You’re going to love the ice cream we make in our dairy plant. The chicken we roast in our Deli. And the breads we bake fresh in our Bakery. Where to begin?

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