Six reasons to love our Hot & Spicy Wings.

We know they’re going to win you over. But here’s why:

1. The ahhh-roma.

The ahhh-roma

It alerts you that you’re about to eat something amazing. Be warned: Your mouth is liable to water.

2. The yum.

The yum

Perfectly crispy on the outside, terrifically tender and juicy on the inside, and full of wonderful flavor. Not too spicy, but definitely too delicious.

3. The fresh.

The fresh

We always use fresh, never-frozen chicken wings. And we fry them fresh throughout the day. Fresh chicken, made fresh: double fresh.

4. The way they’re made.

The way they’re made

We marinate them so they’re tender and flavorful. We bread them twice by hand to achieve that amazing crispiness. And we use our exclusive recipe to score spice perfection.

5. The bang for your buck.

The bang for your buck

Ever been to one of those wing places? Of course you have. Well, you won’t have to pay those high prices for Publix Deli Hot & Spicy Wings.

6. The convenience.

The convenience

Once your Publix Deli is open, you can swing by to get our Hot & Spicy Wings whenever you have a craving. Or you can use our Online Easy Ordering and choose your pickup time. Wingtastic!