Publix Bakery

We make happiness in our Bakery.

Smell the bread coming out of the oven. See the countless beautiful pastries and cakes arrayed behind glass. Imagine how delicious the danishes, donuts, brownies, pies, and muffins must taste. And consider doing a little dance.

Oh, yes: scratch-baked breads.

We make more than a dozen delicious breads and rolls from scratch every day. (No wonder our Bakery smells so good.)

Speaking of sweet: Online Easy Ordering.

We have zillions of options for cakes and Bakery platters. Fortunately, it’s easy to make the best choice when you order online.

Happily ever after.

Do you think the cake should be the most romantic, magical, and memorable part of a wedding? We do.

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As-you-love-it decorated cakes.

You say you want a SpongeBob SquarePants birthday cake? With one chocolate layer and one strawberry? Sure, we can do that. We can do just about anything.

The name says it all: Decadent Desserts.

Maybe you’re a chocolate fiend. Or maybe you crave caramel, or carrot cake, or coconut… Whatever you’re into, one of these showstoppers is sure to suit your fancy.