Publix Deli

Home of our beloved subs.

These subs have something of a cult following. And no wonder. Fresh-baked bread. Quality ingredients (including Boar’s Head® meats and cheeses). Built to your order. Believe us: You’re going to be a wild fan, too.

Meats, cheeses, and mmmore.

Think New York deli, without the New York. Gourmet cheeses from around the globe. Olives and antipasti. Meats and cheeses—sliced to order or ready to go. And so many salads.

Prepared foods: ready when you’re not.

When life gets busy, swing by the Publix Deli. Pick up a rotisserie chicken and a few side items. Maybe a fresh green salad. What looks good?

Platters of perfection.

Whether you’re tailgating or hosting a housewarming, our Deli platters are sure to wow the crowd. And you can order them online—too easy.

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Publix has over 1,100 stores spreading across six states in the Southeast. Visit to see how convenient online shopping can be with:


  • Home delivery, powered by Instacart
  • In-store pickup
  • Savings and online coupons
  • Recipes and meal planning

Order online for immediate Deli-fication.

Yay for Online Easy Ordering! Whether it’s platters (give us 24 hours, please), or sandwiches, or sliced meats and cheeses… you can order at your convenience.

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